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Get active this spring—vote!

Things are starting to heat up, but I’m not talking about the weather! May 9 is our provincial election and candidates are getting into high gear. The Advocacy Committee wants to make informed voting easier for CFUW members.

Not sure who your candidates are? No problem. We’ve compiled lists of candidates (below) by Electoral District with contact information and, as we learn the dates, information about all candidates meetings by Electoral District. Not sure what Electoral District you live in? Visit

Along with this information, we’ve posted questions (below) about six issues of special concern to CFUW members. You’ll find reference to the appropriate CFUW policy and background information on each issue. Elections are an excellent opportunity to let candidates and their parties know what matters to us and to seek their support should they be elected. If you attend an all candidates meeting or a Meet and Greet with a candidate, please ask one or more of these questions and use the power of numbers to give our concerns weight. With over 250 members, we can capture the attention of our politicians. Because these questions have been approved by our Executive, they begin with some variation of: “I am a member of the Canadian Federation of University Women, which in the Victoria area has more than 250 members.” Our questions concern: Medical Services Plan premiums, BC’s doctor shortage, child poverty, student debt, children in care aging out, and the lack of affordable legal assistance.

Some all candidates meetings do not take questions from the floor. If you plan on attending such a meeting, contact the organizers as soon as possible: sometimes organizers want questions submitted in advance.

Finally, if you are new to British Columbia or Vancouver Island, or if you have changed residences since the last provincial election, remember to check the Voters List. Online voter registration for the May 9, 2017 Provincial General Election is now closed. You can still register or update your registration when you go to vote. Be sure to bring your identification.

Remember May 9, 2017 is the provincial election—between now and then let the candidates know what you think!
Bea Baker (Advocacy Committee Chair)

Candidates Questions

Candidates Lists & All Candidates Meetings