Welcome! Thank you for your interest in our club! You can find more details about what it means to be a member of CFUW Victoria on our Membership page.

When you're ready, the first step to becoming a member is to register online. We will then guide you through the rest of the process, including the payment of membership fees. Fees can be paid by cheque, e-transfer or through paypal with a credit card.

New members are invited to one of our welcome social events to meet other members and learn more about what we do and how to get involved.

If you have any questions about becoming a member, please feel free to contact us at info@cfuwvictoria.ca

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 Tips for making a strong password:

    • use at least 8 characters
    • avoid using real words
    • use a combination of lower case letters (a,b,c), upper case letter (A,B,C), numbers (1,2,3) and symbols (!,@,#).