CFUW Victoria gives you the opportunity to socialize with your neighbours. For this purpose Victoria is divided into a number of neighbourhoods and members are assigned to a neighbourhood group based on where they live. Each neighbourhood group has a convenor who makes contact and helps the group to plan its activities.

The neighbourhood groups are very important to maintain the community of CFUW Victoria. They allow people in geographically similar locations to keep in touch, develop and maintain friendships, and look after one another. Groups vary in their activities and how often they meet. Coffee mornings and other social events are popular, as are outings to places of interest.

The Coordinator for Neighbourhood groups is Anita Mavromichalis.

CFUW Victoria Neighbourhood Groups & Convenors

1. Sidney, Brentwood, Saanichton, Cordova Bay
Sheila Mawson

2. Broadmead
Ann Brydon and Margaret Harrison

3. Cadboro Bay, UVic, Uplands
Barbara Crawford

4. Gordon Head
Donna Dippie

5. Mount Douglas, Blenkinsop, Maplewood, Tattersall
Jules Thomson

6. Esquimalt, Gorge, Vic West, Westshore
Anne Anderson and Jill Leslie

7. James Bay
Christine Johnston

8. Fairfield
Marilyn Crump

(9. Now merged with group 5)

(10. Now merged with group 3)

11. South Oak Bay to Ross Bay
Nancy Webber and Janine Yip

12. Foul Bay, Rockland, Oak Bay Village
Alva Jenson

13. Beach Drive, Newport
Suzanne Ellyin and Elizabeth Riehm

14. The Downs, Begbie, Richmond
Joy McBride and Jacqui Shoffner

If you would like to get in touch with a Neighbourhood Group, please Contact Us and we will be happy to direct your message to the right person.