CFUW advocates for women's equality in Canada and abroad. We are concerned with a wide range of social and public policy issues important to women such as: violence, education, the environment, peace, Indigenous issues, social justice, human rights, etc.

CFUW advocacy is guided by the policies (resolutions) voted on by CFUW members every year at our Annual General Meeting in July. These policies come from the grassroots of our organization and are the result of extensive research, debate, and consultation.

Resolutions are national or international in scope, and align with CFUW’s mission and vision. The National CFUW office in Ottawa compiles resolutions that have been prepared, reviewed, and amended through a national consultation process with local CFUW clubs. Adopted resolutions form the organization's framework for action and advocacy.

CFUW National office monitors federal policies and legislation and communicates CFUW’s resolutions to the Government of Canada. Each local CFUW club advocates for public policy changes at the local and provincial levels. Website material for each resolution includes background information and resources plus contact information for local elected representatives.