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Membership is open to women who support the purposes of our Club, and is no longer limited to university graduates. Our membership of over 250 women includes graduates of universities worldwide as well as women who are involved in a variety of pursuits.

The membership year runs April 1 – March 31. Dues support the operation of the club and CFUW Victoria’s Scholarship and Bursary Society, as well as the CFUW National and the GWI (Graduate Women International).

For the membership year 2016 - 2017
CFUW Victoria was recognized by
CFUW International
for our Efforts in getting New Members.

Club members meet monthly; usually on the third Wednesday evening of the month.
Guest speakers reflect a wide range of interests.

Types of Membership

Full Member $125 ($128.93 includes PayPal fee)
Supports the vision and purposes of CFUW

Student Member $60 ($62.04 includes PayPal fee)
Attending post secondary

Dual Member $49 ($50.72 includes PayPal fee)
Please specify the other CFUW club to which you are paying full dues

Honourary Member
A person who has distinguished themselves through their life work may be selected for an honourary membership

Life Member
Nominated members who have given exceptional service to CFUW

Jubilee Member $76 ($78.50 includes PayPal fee)
Members who have been active in CFUW for more than 50 years

How To Register

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