We are excited to announce CFUW Victoria now has a waiver! We worked with an insurance lawyer to develop a comprehensive waiver, which meets and exceeds all of the Club’s current requirements.  This is a very important legal document, and it is of utmost importance that members read the waiver in its entirety prior to signing.

All members, particularly those participating in Activity Groups and Neighbourhood Groups should sign a waiver, which will be kept by the Membership Coordinator.

Click here to download a waiver form.

Where can you get the waiver form

      • At a general meeting
      • From the Activity Group Coordinator
      • From the Neighbourhood Group Coordinator
      • At the AGM

Please remember there are TWO pages. You will also note there are TWO places on the form you must sign, and you will need a witness. This is to ensure you have read and understood the waiver.

What do I do with the waiver once it is signed?

You can give it directly to the Membership Coordinator or if you are a member of a Neighbourhood Group or Activity Group, the Leader/Convenor will give the forms to the Membership Coordinator.

We want to make acquiring and signing the waiver as easy as possible for members. If you have any questions, or would like additional information, please don’t hesitate to contact us.