CFUW Victoria and Emily Carr

Copy of a letter to CFUW Victoria
Copy of a letter from Emily Carr to CFUW Victoria

In 1937 the University Women’s Club of Victoria (now CFUW Victoria) invited Emily Carr to become an Honorary Member of the club.

Copies of two letters written by Emily Carr have been turned over to Carr House. UWC Victoria hosted a 70th birthday celebration for Emily at the home of Rosalind Young, the first president of the club. Lawren Harris, noted Canadian artist of the Group of Seven, often visited Emily on his trips to Victoria, and members of the club were delighted when they were able to attend his lectures.

"Will you please thank the Victoria University Women's Club for the very kind and gracious honor they have offered to me"
"Will you please thank the Victoria University Women's Club for the very kind and gracious honor they have offered to me"

As part of the club’s fiftieth celebrations, Harris’s Algoma Sketch was purchased through donations of members and presented to the president of Victoria College. This painting now hangs in the president’s office at the University of Victoria. Members were excited to see it on display at the Legacy Gallery in 2012. Item 7 of the programme of Victoria College Annual Assembly on Friday, October 17, 1958 states, “Presentation of Lawren Harris painting by the University Women’s Club.”

In 1990 the Recent Grads Interest Group established the Recent Grads Bursary at the University of Victoria. For a time they held annual celebrations of the birthday of Emily Carr as a fundraiser for this bursary. Ian Ross, curator of Carr House, is always delighted to have a group of CFUW members visit the Carr Museum. Some CFUW fundraisers have been held there in recent years (from CFUW Victoria Archives).

 “I had always maintained that unearned honours were stupid shams. Look how hard real members worked to earn their membership—why should I, never having even squeaked through High School, be honoured by a University Club membership? Half of me said, “I can’t!” The other half said, “But, I would be very proud.” So I took, thanked and am.” (1946, Emily Carr, Growing Pains, p. 368).

Victoria-born Emily Carr is British Columbia’s most famous artist. Her art and writings are recognized across Canada. Emily grew up with a passion for art and a love of nature, especially animals. After high school she studied art in San Francisco. Later she travelled to England and France to refine her style. A trip to the native village of Ucluluelet in 1899 opened the world of Aboriginal culture that inspired her to paint images of the vanishing totem poles in their natural setting. An art exhibit in EC StatueEastern Canada in 1927 brought her to the attention of a wider public. Carr’s later paintings drew inspiration from the deep forest itself, painted in vivid strokes of colour.

After 1939, when ill health curtailed her painting, she turned to writing, winning the Governor General’s award in 1941 for Klee Wyck. She went on to publish more books and win new recognition as a writer. Emily Carr celebrated the British Columbia landscape in an original and vigorous way, from the “turmoil of growth” to the “space and glory of the sky”. A person of deep spirituality, she reflected upon nature and humanity. She is a kindred spirit for all times.

“To have been permitted to give pleasure by writing and painting the plain simple things of my life fills me with the deepest of gratitude.”

EC Signature(From , “Our Emily” The Parks and Recreation Foundation of Victoria, October 13, 2010)


EC - Blue Sky AGGV 1994.055.002The Art Gallery of Greater Victoria has graciously allowed us to share this beautiful Emily Carr painting with you. Click the picture for a larger version.

Excellent Art Tours can be arranged through the gallery with docent Corrine Taylor to take you into the wonderful world of Emily Carr's works.
Emily Carr 1871 - 1945
Blue Sky, 1936
Collection of the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria
The Thomas Gardiner Keir Bequest

#Give like a Girl  (100 Girls Victoria) – October 19, 2016

Salvation Army Citadel, 4030 Douglas St. (map)
7 pm - 9 pm

* Please note that the speaker’s presentation wip1160675-copiell begin at 7:15pm

Fall school classes are in full swing and so are our upcoming speakers for the October meeting. Two local girls, Ella Stanger and Lily Coté, started 100 Girls Victoria at age 11. They have titled their talk to us as #GivelikeaGirl.

These energetic young women have held three meetings in which they have raised over $1,200 for local charities. They have inspired many other young girls to want to give back to the community they live in. Even at such a young age, they understand that they are creating an experience that will empower the participants to learn how they can make a difference by collaborating with others around causes that matter to them.

Ella and Lily were successful in engaging corporate and community support to create a logo, build a website, and acquire T-shirts and signage. They have appeared on Chek News  and Skype on the national show Canada AM. Community partners are coming forward offering to match donations from the girls’ meetings. They recently were honoured with the 2016 YoUnlimited Women of Potential award recognizing their efforts with 100 Girls Victoria.

Their ultimate goal is to get 100 girls between the ages of 8 and 13 to a meeting and with the help of high school aged chaperones, have the meetings be fully kid-run.

Their mothers will accompp1160670-copieany them at our event and take part in a Q and A session as well. Angela Coté is a Business Growth and Franchise Specialist as well as an M&M Meat Shops multi-unit franchisee in Victoria, BC. Angela was immersed in the development of M&M Meat Shops from a young age, as her father is the founder of the national coast-to-coast franchise which grew to over 470 locations since 1980. Angela is very community oriented and has been involved in many leadership initiatives in philanthropy.  Angela was presented with an opportunity by her philanthropic father, who upon selling M&M Meat Shops in 2014, offered her $350,000 to hand  out in small increments to various Victoria charities.  Angela has met with various community leaders, non-profit executive directors and other philanthropists to research causes and organizations doing great work in the community. Like daughter, like mother!

Ella's mom, Diane Lloyd, is currently the interim CEO of the Children's Health Foundation of Vancouver Island, and also runs her own coaching business, Inspired Results. In her extensive career, she has served in leadership roles with the Vancouver Island chapter of the Association of Fundraising Professionals, the Royal BC Museum Foundation, at UVic in Corporate Strategic Partp1160663-copienerships, and with the staff of the Manitoba Games and the Pan Am Games. She was a synchronized swimming coach and specialized in developing sponsorships and high performing teams. Like this delightful duo!

Please circle your calendars and come early to this
interactive first speaker evening presentation on October 19!

All our General Meetings are open to the public:
bring a friend, relative, neighbour, partner, husband, potential new member.

Bob McDonald of CBC’s Quirks and Quarks
& AGM and Dinner, May 19, 2015

Our CFUW Victoria Annual Dinner and AGM will be TUESDAY, MAY 19 at the VICTORIA GOLF CLUB. Dinner reservation information available soon.  Our speaker is one of your favourites! (A clue:  2 Q’s!)

The AGM dinner information and reservation form can be found on pages 10 and 11 of the April Newsletter. Reservations must be received by May 8th.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015
5:30 pm
With the hint “2 Qs”, who is our May 19 Annual General Meeting dinner speaker?
It's Bob McDonald of CBC's Quirks and Quarks! Bob, science journalist and space enthusiast will share his new book “Canadian Spacewalkers”. Spacewalking is a physically exhausting and mentally rigorous endeavour. It's so difficult that only 3 Canadians have ever succeeded! What is it really like to step into that abyss, to leap out into space with only the thin fabric of your suit between you and the universe? Bob's stunning photos will astound and surprise! Join us as Bob McDonald shares a place where very few humans have had the privilege to go!

Stuart Aldridge Co-Captain of the Canadian Coast Guard Ship Sir Wilfrid Laurier – April 15, 2015

Wednesday, April 15, 2015
7pm – 10pm
Salvation Army Citadel
4030 Douglas Street
Victoria, BC (map)

It's every seaman's dream! Last summer the Canadian Coast Guard ship Arctic exploration team found the HMS Erebus, one of the lost ships of the May 1845 Franklin Expedition. It was an overwhelming experience-the Franklin tale is the stuff of legend! Explorer Sir John Franklin left Greenhithe, England with 129 men aboard in search of the fabled Northwest Passage. The ships were seen entering Baffin Island area that August-then disappeared.

Our April 15 speaker is Stuart Aldridge Co-Captain of the Canadian Coast Guard Ship Sir Wilfrid Laurier. He will be the Commanding Officer on duty during this summer's Arctic exploration. The expedition led by Parks Canada sets out from Victoria every summer, with the search for the Franklin ships being part of the itinerary each year since 2008.

Join us to hear exciting details and see photos about the incredible Erebus discovery, one of the most sought-after wrecks in the history of underwater archeology, and to learn about the on-going investigations by the Sir Wilfrid Laurier expedition team!

Refreshments will be available. Bring your own mug. Social time 7pm. Speaker presentation 7:30pm. As our General Meetings are open to the public and our presentation will take place in the Citadel sanctuary, there is space to bring friends and potential new members!

Underwater image of the Franklin ship, Erebus
Underwater image of the Franklin ship, Erebus
Capt. Stuart Aldridge
Capt. Stuart Aldridge

Elizabeth May will speak to our Club!
& Resolutions Meeting – March 18, 2015

March 18, 7:00pm
Salvation Army Citadel
4030 Douglas Street
Victoria, BC (map)

This year there are only two Resolutions (and one was submitted by our Club), so we decided to change the format a bit. The Resolutions will be presented individually to the membership, and discussed in a timed format. We will not separate into smaller discussion groups.

We will be discussing and voting on the following Resolutions:

  • Reducing Climate Change Through the Use of Carbon Taxes-CFUW Victoria
  • Saving Our Pollinators and Our Environment: Moratorium on the Use of Neonicotinoid Pesticides-CFUW Edmonton

Here is the link to the Resolutions

Once the bu220px-Elizabeth_May_2siness part of our meeting is complete, our guest Elizabeth May will speak to our Club! Elizabeth is an environmentalist, writer, activist, and lawyer. She is the Leader of the Green Party of Canada and the current Saanich-Gulf Islands Member of Parliament. She has written seven books, most recently Losing Confidence: Power, Politics and the Crisis in Canadian Democracy.

This empowering event will be in the Sanctuary at the Citadel, and it is a great opportunity for members to bring guests (potential new members?) Your opinion counts! CFUW Resolutions become our policies, which guide our Club’s initiatives. We look forward to seeing you all there!

(please note-food and beverages are not allowed in the Sanctuary, therefore we will not be having refreshments at this event)

SAVE THE DATE!! This will be a very motivating and exciting Resolutions Meeting.

International Women’s Day 2015 – Wadjda
March 5, 7 pm, Cinecenta

WadjdaIn celebration of International Women’s Day 2015, CFUW Victoria is presenting the film Wadjda at Cinecenta UVic on March 5th, 2015 at 7:00pm. There will be a post-film speaker and Q&A to follow.

All profits from this event will benefit CFUW’s event partners: Canadian Women for Women in Afghanistan and Victoria Women’s Transition House. Advance tickets are $10, and $12+ tax at the door (if there are still tickets available!). Advance tickets will be for sale on February 1st through CFUW Victoria, Transition House, CW4WAfghan, and at the following locations in Victoria:

  • Dig This! in Oak Bay
  • Ivy’s in Broadmead
  • Munro’s in Victoria
  • Tanner’s in Sidney

Wadjda is the first film written and directed entirely by a Saudi woman, in Saudi Arabia. Haifaa Al Mansour’s groundbreaking film offers a glimpse into the contradictions and opportunities ingrained in the characters’ culture. It is the story of a 10-year-old girl who wants a new bike, but it is the realities of the world she lives in that make the real story of the film. View the official trailer here:

Other organizations will display information in the lobby of Cinecenta. If you know of an organization that would like to participate or would like to buy tickets, please contact us at:


Dr. Ted Grant: A Canadian National Treasure
February 18, 2015

Dr. Ted Grant: A Canadian National Treasure

Wednesday, February 18, 2015
7pm – 10pm
Salvation Army Citadel
4030 Douglas Street
Victoria, BC (map)

Be sure to attend the February 18 meeting. Dr Ted Grant, one of Canada’s greatest photographers, and author Thelma Fayle,  will entertain and inform us. Ted, who is referred to as the father of Canadian photojournalism, has had an esteemed career creating iconic images such as that of Pierre Trudeau sliding down a bannister in the Chateau Laurier Hotel, Ottawa, in 1968. Thelma is a professional writer who created Ted’s biography entitled, Ted Grant: Sixty Years  of Legendary Photojournalism. Thelma will share how she came to write the book. Ted will present a slide overview of his work. We can look forward to hearing some of the stories behind the famous photographs.



"Ted Grant: Sixty Years of Legendary Photojournalism is an excellent book about one of Canada's most esteemed photojournalists. And it’s another one I’d put on the required reading list if I were to teach a photography seminar!"

Photo Life, Canada's Leading Photography Magazine, 2014

Webinar: Communities for Action
Free – February 24/25, 2015

Webinar: Communities for Action

24/25 February 2015
This webinar, for members only, will explore how to recruit members and retain members by engaging them in the activities of your organisation. The webinar will provide an overview of the member journey, including meeting members’ needs, providing opportunities for involvement and creating an impact towards your mission with your membership community. The webinar will include time for questions and discussion.

Date and time: 24 February at 17:30 Central European Time (CET) and repeated on 25 February at 10:00 CET. Please check your local time here:

Duration: 1 hour and 15 minutes

Who should participate? All members

How do I register? Register online for the 10:00 CET webinar here and for the 17:30 CET webinar here.

What do I need to participate?
A computer, tablet or smartphone, internet connection, headphones or speakers, and a microphone if you would like to give comments and ask questions orally (there is also a “chat” function to type your question).


Christmas Luncheon – Dec 6, 2014

SaturdayXmas14, December 6
Christmas Luncheon
Royal Victoria Golf Club

A reservation form can be found on page 9 of the October newsletter.

Let There Be Music!
There will be music provided by Four Seasons Musical Theatre.  With a mandate to encourage and nourish new young talent throughout the Greater Victoria area, the group celebrates the performing arts. In November they present 4 performances of the musical “The Secret Garden".  In December they present seasonal music for us.  Come, bring your singing voice, and enjoy!

Supporting Women in Need (WIN) at our Christmas Luncheon

Every year at our Christmas Luncheon CFUW-Victoria donates  to an organization supporting women in our community. This year we have chosen the Women in Need Community Cooperative (WIN). WIN is a non-profit organization which creates opportunities for women through support, programs and services for women and their families in times of change and transition.

We have chosen to make monetary contributions on Dec. 6 to the WIN Self Sufficiency Program. The Self Sufficiency Program complements CFUW's goals of helping women achieve career goals and financial independence. This bursary will:

  1. support women in pursuing further education or training
  2. provide funding to women to develop a small business or cooperative enterprise
  3. assist women to access childcare programs

A representative from WIN will join us at the luncheon to provide any additional information about the organization. Look for her at a display table in the lobby. In the dining hall each table will be provided with an envelope to collect donations (cash, or cheque made out to WIN). We hope you will give generously to this worthy cause. Tax receipts will not be issued, as WIN chooses to stay non-profit in order to have more freedom in how it supports women in our community. Thank you for your support of this excellent program.

Learn more at:

And please watch their YouTube video: